Semana Santa in Sevilla: a cultural and religious experience

Sevilla celebrates an important fair in April: the great “Feria de Abril”, a beautiful homage to the Andalusian culture that attracks million of people every year. But this is not the only celebration taking place in Sevilla in Spring. The “Semana Santa” week, from the 13th of April to the 20th of April, is an international event and a very important time for the locals, who use to spend most of the previous year preparing the acts. It wants to commemorate the passion and death of Christ through what they call acts of penance.

During this week, different “hermandades” or brotherhoods walk through the Sevilla’s streets with a certain scene of the Christ’s Passion turned into a sculpture. Some of the men of the brotherhood are responsible of carrying the Virgin or Christ’s sculpture on their shoulders through the streets to finally reach the Cathedral.

Up to 61 brotherhoods take place in the “Semana Santa” with their sculptures, their music bands accompanying the procession, their “nazarenos” and their kids who start to get involved in this tradition from a very early age. Most of the members of the brotherhood that walk in front of the religious scenes, also called “nazarenos” are covered with a robe that hides their faces and body. They can also bring a cross, candles and other symbolic stuff with the,. Some of them even walk without shoes for a most painful penance.

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