Agbar Tower: A futurist skyscraper in Barcelona

Acting as a getaway to the 22@ business and technological area in Barcelona, we find one of the most original and unique buildings in the city. We are talking about the Agbar Tower, an ultramodern skyscraper designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel in association with B720 Arquitectos, a Spanish group. The building belongs to the Aigües de Barcelona group who manage the city’s water system, which uses most of the offices in the tower and rents the rest.

Since its construction and opening in 2005, the Agbar Tower generated all kinds of reactions and opinions. Some thought it could remind of a phallic element, while others praised its innovative designed. According to its author, Nouvel, the tower’s shape was clearly inspired by the Sagrada Familia Temple’s bell towers. This is the reason why there is a privilege view of La Sagrada Familia from the north side of the building.

Nouvel added a reference to the deep seabed. He wanted the tower to seem like it was emerging from the floor, as it was an order for a water company.

After its more than 7 years of history, the Agbar Tower has become a symbol of the modernization of Barcelona and a beloved element for tourists and locals. Specially when the darkness of the night appears and the walls of the tower gets painted by amazing colourful lights. It is even possible to see sentences, words and pictures projected on the large façade of the building as it is an advertising support.

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