Postdam and the Peacock Island near Berlin: don’t miss them!

When travelling to Berlin, you can take advantage of your visit and escape one day to the nearby Postdam area, a dreamed place that has been a Unesco World Heritage since 1990. In Postdam you will admire incredible and beautiful palaces surrounded by a large extension of parks and garden that invite the visitors to appreciate the colossal constructions and the picturesque nature.

Probably, the most remarkable building of Postdam is Sanssouci Palace, which was built to be a summer residence for Frederick the Great. The site is placed by the Havel River, and also includes the Peacock Island or Pfaueninsel, which was transformed into an idyllic spot by Frederick the Great’s successor and filled with all kind of exotic animals. If you appreciate being in touch with nature during your trips, you will enjoy this excursion incredibly. As its names remarks, the Peacock Island lets the visitors meeting wide peacocks as well as other types of birds and valuable flora on their way.

Although the island has to be reached by a small ferry exclusively, this is a very popular destination for all kind of travelers who fancy meeting another face of Germany instead of staying just in Berlin. Anyway, as you are going to spend a few days in the capital to visit all the must attraction it has to offer you, we would like to suggest you a valuable accommodation option: the holiday apartment. Renting a touristic apartment in Berlin is a great idea to enjoy your holidays for an affordable price.

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