Prinzessinnengarten in Berlin, a green oasis

For all the inhabitants and visitors of a big city, having a green area to breathe pure air is a great advantage. But having the creativity and resources to turn an abandoned zone into a natural oasis is something that just a few ones can achieve. This is why if you travel to Berlin, we recommend you not to leave without taking a drink in the bar of the Prinzessinnengarten.

It can be tagged as a pop-up farm, a recycled area that is revolutionizing the city of Berlin. From a land of abandoned factories, power plants and other ruins, to a garden full of colors, plants, flowers and green everywhere you look around you. The project was directed by the Nomadisch Grün Company, which has the purpose of transforming all kind of non-in-used spots and build there, green pastures of fruits, fauna and vegetables.

Eating in the café of Prinzessinnengarten is not only a privilege, but a journey to a slower rhythm, so necessary to do a break in your sightseeing agenda. Walking around Prinzessinnengarten will allow you to meet many of the people who own a small orchard and take care of it daily. The peace that this innovative area transmits to everybody who visits it is something that has to be felt in person.

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