Visiting Monet Garden in Paris

Paris was the birth home of the Impressionism artistic movement, and names such as Monet and Renoir are among the founders of this beautiful style. Visiting Paris is visiting a city that inspired their works and their creations, and the scenarios that so frequently appeared in their painted canvas. This is why, one of the most original and fascinating excursions you can do if you travel to Paris and you have a free day to spend outside the city, is visiting the Monet Gardens.

They are placed within the Foundation Claude Monet, in Giverny. You can reach it by car or by train, getting off in the Gare De Vernon stop. Once there, you can visit both the artist’s home and the incredible garden surrounding it. The flower’s composition, the colours’ mosaic and the existence of bridges and other gardening furniture help to see in this real view, the inspiration behind Monet’s masterpieces.

Willow trees over the water, lilies and hanging flowers everywhere…Strolling around Monet’s Garden is like entering in a fantasy or a dream came true. Besides, this is an amazing way to get closer to the Impressionism history, away from the much more limited museums and galleries.

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