Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. An essential visit

The Hermitage Museum, in Saint Petersburg, is, without exaggeration, one of the largest museums in the World. This is why if you are planning a trip to the city, you would need to reserve a whole day – or at least an entire morning or afternoon – in order to own time enough to admire most of the museum’s exhibitions, rooms and masterpieces.

Up to the 3 million objects belonging to all the artistic and cultural disciplines can be admired in the museum, as well as the Old, Small and New Hermitage facilities. Some legend tells that if you pretend to spend just one minute in front of every single object in the museum, it will take you eleven years to finish the visit. This is why you would need to pre-select the rooms, époques and disciplines you wish more to visit. Another option is walking calmly through the entire museum and stop when something call your attention.

museu2The museum’s content is organized in categories such as Siberian and Central Asian objects; Russian culture and art; Italian art; Flemish and Dutch art; French art; European Modern art; etc. The Hermitage museum is opened from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.30h to 17h and Sunday from 10.30h and 16h. The ticket costs 350 rubbles (8.23€).

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