Visit the oldest pharmacy of Europe in the centre of Tallinn

The Tallinn’s Old Town seems to come from a fairy tale. You can easily visit it in one morning, walking slowly through its tinny streets. Although its ancient origins and the happening of war incidents that could have damage it in a fatal way, it has survived and remains quite untouched. Its value and beauty have given to the historical centre, the denomination of UNESCO Humanity Heritage.

One of the most curious and remarkable claims placed in the number 11 of the City Hall square in Tallinn, is the oldest pharmacy of Europe, which is incredibly still working. The first verified reference to the pharmacy is from 1422. You can visit it for free and take a picture of its facade. Moreover, you can admire the exhibited objects in the museum.

Among the stuff you will be able to see inside, there are medieval medicines, dissected animal sexual organs that were used to be turned into medicinal potions, as well as incredibly well preserved furniture from the XV century or even older. Entering the building is like travelling back in time, as the rooms and their decoration is almost the same as they were in the beginning.

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