A day in Dyrehavsbakken, the oldest amusement park in the world

Dyrehavsbakken (at the beginning called Bakken) is the oldest amusement park in the world, with 425 years of history! Although it can be a bit difficult to imagine this magic places already existed so many years ago, the truth is that this park keeps being the funniest and greatest place to go in Denmark, especially if you travel with little kids.

Dyrehavsbakken is placed in a fabulous green area in the Copenhagen countryside. The wood where it is placed has incredible ancient trees and wild deers running free. The park itself has a great amount of attractions, such as 34 roller coasters, drop tower, ferris wheels, 33 different games and much more. Moreover, we can’t not mention the shows that take place in the park during the day, like the clowns or the animals’ exhibitions. If you are looking for an entertaining but still interesting and full-of-history place, you can’t miss a visit to Dyrehavsbakken.

For a whole day out of Copenhagen, you can also take advantage and have lunch in the park in one of the 40 different restaurants available in Dyrehavsbakken, that fits into each visitor’s preferences.


Once back to Copenhagen, you will surely appreciate to have a holiday apartment to rest and stay calmly with your family. In the condo’s kitchen, you can cook dinner and then, stay all together in the living room before going to sleep and getting ready for another exciting day of sightseeing in Copenhagen.

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