Celebrate the birthday of your children in Europa Park, Germany

Did you know that the day of you kid’s birthday there is a place where they can access for free? Is a kind of birthday present, we guess. Anyway, you can take advantage of this and organize an unforgettable trip to Germany matching with this so special date and surprise the little ones with a day in Europa Park.  If you are doing a tour through Europe, you can previously stay in Paris (5 hours driving from Europa Park) or Milan (4.30h from the park). If you want to stay in the German capital you will need to travel more than 6 hours to reach the park. For all the holiday apartments in Berlin available in ApartmentDistrict.com, check this links.

It is the largest theme park in Germany and the second largest one in Europe behind EuroDiseny. As it names suggests, the map of this magi spot follows the Europe’s organization, and its attractions are grouped by categories which belong mostly to specific and famous countries with a clear genuine culture that defines them: Enchanted Forest, Adventure Land, Children’s World or Viking Land, Germany, Russia, Italia, France, Scandinavia, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Greece, England, Austria, Iceland and Europa-Park Resort. Up to 11 roller coasters and 9 water rides can be enjoyed in the park as well as all kind of thematic sets, shows, fairy-tales attractions and plenty other claims.

The park was born in 1975 and since then, it has welcomed million of people who have decided to do a slightly different Europe tour full of fun, emotions and adventures. Nowadays, the park receives the visit of 50,000 people every day! If you can’t wait to be the next visitors, get informed of the ticket prices, the opening times and further conditions here.

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