Beer Gardens in Prague, the best places to enjoy a drink during the summer

Some things seem to be directly linked to the summer season: the good weather, the moments we spend with our closest friends, taking fresh drinks and beer, enjoying free time, etc. If you are planning to travel to Prague this summer, you can keep experiencing all this in a fantastic spot surrounded by nature.

We are talking about the Letná Beer Garden, a great bar designed to let people enjoy the best of the Letná Park with a good beer on the table. Besides the green paradise which surrounds the spot, the Letná Beer Garden has privileged views over the Vltava River and amazing views of the city of Prague.

If you are travelling with kids, you are going to appreciate this place and the playground it has by it. Moreover, lots of picnic tables are ready to hold family and friends meetings while one take the most of the summer sunny days. The park itself has plenty of entertainment options, such as tennis facilities, football fields, basketball, etc. Another available activity is biking through the paths all along the park.

Besides this beer garden, Prague has also other similar places: Riegrovy Sady Beer Garden, one of the most popular Prague’s outdoor places to take a drink; Parukářka Beer Garden, which is a bit smaller than the previous ones but still offers great views and a valuable friendly atmosphere; and Hospudka Na Hradbach, where you can also enjoy a tasty grill to accompany the drink.

This summer, don’t miss a relaxing time in one of the Prague’s Beer Gardens. And if you fancy a more private time with friends or family, you can rent a holiday apartment in Prague and enjoy there the best local drinks. Visit the Apartment District comparator and find the perfect holiday rental in Prague for you.

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