Las Arenas Barcelona, entertainment and the best views over the city

Located in Plaça Espanya, there is a recently renewed complex that offers all the entertainment you can imagine in a single place. Used as a bullring in the past, Las Arenas is now a huge shopping centre and a gazebo over the city, a theatre, a cinema and much more. If you like this area of the city and you wish to find accommodation here, we recommend you to use the comparator, specifying the centric district. The holiday rentals in Barcelona that will be displayed in the results page will surely fit into your expectations and location preferences.

Back to Las Arenas, we strongly suggest you not to miss the impressive views of Barcelona that one find on the top of the complex. For this purpose, you will have to pay a ticket, but it is really worth it. Once the elevator (which leaves directly from the street) stops, you will jump into a 360º terrace that follows all the circumference of the building. From there, you will have the chance to take as pictures as you desire, spend some time with your family or friends, and even make a romantic proposal to your beloved one!

Another option to take the most of Las Arenas view point is having dinner there or taking a drink while the night falls calmly. The entire centre is provided with many different restaurants and bars, and if you then wish to go to the movies, you can check Las Arenas program here.

If you want to combine your shopping and entertainment time with the traditional sightseeing activity, we suggest you to read this post, which will introduce you the night touristic bus running in Barcelona during all the summer.

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