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Do you know a person who doesn’t enjoy a magic show? Everybody loves watching how a magician moves his hands and makes things disappear, changes the shapes of solid objects, split into two halves a human body or suddenly pulls a rabbit out an empty black hat. But all these tricks are from the past. Nowadays, magic is much more than this and has been innovating with fascinating scenes that seem to be just an hallucination.

At the moment, Barcelona is a magic city. At least, it really is according to the theatre program. Checking it, you will realize that the current offer of magic performances is really interesting: starting from the Mag Lari, a young and famous artist who performs with the collaboration of the music Angel Llatzer in the Splenda show. It has been considered the greatest illusionist show in the country and it has been compared to the amazing actions by David Copperfield o Criss Angel. You can buy ticket for the show with a discounted price here.

Another show is Magia S.A. This is another kind of entertainment, which combines magic and humor, and it is starred by the artist Eugenio. The junior version of this play is Magia S.A. junior, which is focused on the family audience and wants to become the first theatre experience for a lots of little children. Fun, fascination, art and participation will be the main characters of this event. Find the best prices for Magia S.A. and Magia S.A. junior.

Our third recommendation to find the best magic in Barcelona is visiting the Teatre-Museu El Rey de la Magia, the oldest institution devoted to the illusionist world. There, you won’t only have the chance to meet all kind of stories, pictures and gadgets related to this discipline, but you will also attend shows. For the best prices, check this page.

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