Granja Viader and the most famous hot chocolate in Barcelona!

Those of you visiting Barcelona these winter days, would surely thank finding out a warm place where to hang out without suffering the cold outside. Especially at this time of the year, cafeterias such as La Granja Viader, show to be the favourite spot for both locals and tourists. You just need to reach it to realize there may be no free tables for new customers! This is why you should go there with time enough not to get frustrated!

La Granja Viader is, probably, the most famous and classic cafeteria and chocolate bar of the city. The business was opened in 1870 as a milk shop placed exactly in the same place we can find it nowadays. In that moment, the street was placed inside the city walls, although the shop kept alive during all the transformations of the capital.

granja2In 1910, the shop turned into the property of Marc Viader, a countryside worker who had moved to Barcelona in order to work and learn. He had started to work in the milk shop as a member of the staff, later he ran it paying a rent, and finally he became the owner. This is why the name changed finally to Granja Viader (Viader Farm).

With the pass of the years, the initial milk shop incorporated many other products, such as the incredibly taste hot chocolates and other similar sweet hot delicatessens. Classic Catalan celebrities and artists like the Verdaguer Father and the painter Pablo Picasso used to be frequent costumers of the Granja. So if you have the change, reach the Xuclà Street, 6 in Barcelona and order a hot chocolate to delight!

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