Spanish Cooking Class in Barcelona by Cook and Taste

One of the most famous things people wish to find when they visit Spain is an outstanding food. Gastronomy is, indeed, a real value of this country where one can get seduced by infinity of recipes and dishes, most of them within the Mediterranean Diet. But whilst a lot of tourists are happy just eating in typical restaurants, others look for a more participative way to explore the Spanish culinary culture. One of these ways is by enrolling a cooking course.

In Barcelona, for example, we find the company Cook and Taste, which offers an attractive variety of options. One of them is the half-day cooking course, which costs 65€ per person and consists in preparing different genuine Spanish dishes in a very practical and dynamic lesson. At the end of the course, you will enjoy eating your own creations, chatting with the others participants and accompanying the event with a fine wine. Back at home, you will be ready to surprise your guests with a complete Spanish dinner!

bde0df79b9de47f6d3d16f527f6252b4Another possibility offered by Cook and Taste is a tour through the Boqueria Market. This market is placed in Les Rambles, in the very heart of Barcelona. It is one of the main symbols of the city, and a must for all the tourists who want to walk surrounded by colours, flavours and life. Stalls of fresh fish, vegetables, fruits and even bars and restaurants can be found in the Boqueria. Joining the guided tour by Cook and Taste will give you the chance to find out the most used and traditional ingredients of the Spanish gastronomy.

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