EatWith, a new way to experience gastronomy at local homes

EatWith is a new webpage devoted to all the Foddies in the world, or what is is the same, all the people who loves discovering new dishes, new cuisines and quality gastronomy during their day to day or when they are on holidays abroad.

If you visit the site, you will easily find out how it works. The basic idea is that local people who love cooking, invite other people at home and offer them a menu for dinner. Each host is in charge of choosing the price of the dinner and the conditions of the event, so if you are agree with all of them, you can enroll and wait the host to approve you as his or her guest.

When all the procees is over and you have already paid for the dinner, is time to enjoy this original and completely new experience that proposes a fascinating way to enjoy local gastronomy, meet new people and experience a foreign culture. Most of the people who invites you to dinner will cook traditional dishes of the place they live in, and will explain you how to prepare them. Moreover, this initiative is perfect if you fancy meeting people from all over the world, and if you are interested in getting outside of the most touristic circuits.

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I love travelling because it is an incredible way to keep moving and discovering new things. I like sharing what I know with other people by writing it down in the Apartment Ditrict blog so I hope you find the posts enriching and useful for your trips.

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