Stockholm food in a guided tour: read about The Nordic Experience

You may think that the distinction of the best gastronomic culture in the world has to be given to the Italian, the Spanish or the Japanese cuisine. But when you travel around the planet, you soon realise that each country has exceptional and unique recipes that delight our palate and helps us open our mind and enter into unexpected new universes. If you have the chance to visit the Nordic countries, we recommend you to try the typical food (both the contemporary and the traditional one) and explore the essence of this cold places by their most genuine ingredients and creations.

In this article, we are going to give you an idea in case you fancy enjoying Stockholm in an original manner and find out more about the Swedish culture through its gastronomy. The Nordic Experience, a tour managed by the Food Tours Stockholm Company, proposes a route that passes by representative cheese stores, market stalls, beer halls, emblematic restaurants, fresh fish shops, bakeries and cafeterias. In each of these stops, the guide will give you some remarkable information of the place, the food and the importance regarding the Swedish culture. Obviously, you will be able to taste delicious and representative food samples during the tour.


602934_166901296798106_571187627_nFrom one stop to the following one you will walk (only in one occasion you will use the tube) and you will be moving basically around the Vasastan area, in the city centre. The activity runs for about 3-3’5 hours and costs 695 Sek or 79.63€ (all the food and transport tickets are included).

For more practical information, such as the starting and ending points, visit the activity’s official site.

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