Les Passages Couverts, beautiful covered galleries in Paris

Paris is famous because of its cafés, its vintage shops, its galleries and beautiful streets. A particular kind of galleries known as “Les Passages Couverts” are part of the enchanting corners that one can find in this incredible city.

Most of them are from the 18th century. They are glass-roffed shopping galleries where visitors can shelter from the rain, wind or winter cold. Besides, they represent an architectonic treasure thanks to the beautiful details of the roof, the shops, doors, etc. Walking through the galleries can be like travelling a pair of centuries back in time.

Among the Passages Couverts worth visiting in Paris, we find the Galerie Vivienne, the Passage des Panoramas, from 1800, the Passage Jouffroy and the Passage Verdeau. Take a coffe in one of the covered terraces or have a look to the vintage-style shops where you will find unique souvenirs to take home. Moreover, you can have dinner here and enjoy the romantic atmosphere around you.

These covered passages seem to belong to an Impressionist painting. This is why if you have the chance to visit one of them, you will feel a Parisian inhabitant of the end of the XIX century, when the artists of this artistic group created the most representative works.

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