The carpet washing piers in Helsinki: a touristic attraction

In Helsinki, one can find a kind of terraces on the banks, which are maintained by the Port and used to wash carpets in the sunny days with the water of the sea. They have wood plates  where people can put the carpets on and clean them comfortably. This is a not very easy thing to do at private homes and it is quite impossible in case you live in a small apartment, so it becomes a great help to have this kind of spots available for you.

But since washing carpets tends to be a once in a year event, the rest of the calendar leaves them free to be enjoyed with friends while taking some drink. This is why they have turned into kind of terraces on the sea. At the moment, there up to 14 carpet washing piers, called Mattolaituri in Finnish. They wood plates are used as tables where you can enjoy a picnic meal or a relaxing time out of the urban center.

Due to the pollution, the future of the carpet washing practice is quite in danger, so nowadays, Finland is searching new ideas to preserve this famous and representative facilities in the city of Helsinki. Among the possible uses to take the most of the carpet washing piers include the marriage ceremonies and the kick-boxing trainings. Meanwhile, many touristic buses stop in front of them to show the foreign visitors these genuine places.

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