Venice from an helicopter with Heliair Venice

When you explore the romantic city of Venice by gondola, you are definitely moving around by the most famous and popular mean of transport of this destination. It has been largely associated with lovers who pass by palaces and majestic buildings under the light of the moon.

But Venice has other transportation options to offer you, and one of the most original and exclusive ones is, without doubt, the helicopter. The company Heliair Venice offer different Venice helicopter tours over the city that let you admire the composition of the canals, bridges and streets of the city. The helicopter flies around Venice excepting over the Old Town, which is protected and therefore it is not allowed to flight over that area.

If you take a look to the company’s website, you will find out the available helicopter tours: from 6 minutes to 30 minutes journeys and from 75€ to 330€. While some of them fly just around the city’s perimeter, others go further and allow the passengers to admire a panorama of the nearby islands such as Burano.

If you think this option is worth enough for you and your travel companions, you will then surely appreciate to have an unconventional accommodation in the city. In the case you like the idea of exploring a destination not as a traditional tourist but following your own rhythm, then we know exactly what you need: to rent a holiday apartment in Venice. Fortunately, there is a site that joins all the holiday apartments in Internet to let you avoid having to jump from a web to another: use the Apartment District comparator and book now your perfect rental in Venice.

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