Crossclub in Prague: all kind of cultures mixed in a unique bar

In the centre of Prague, there is a particular bar and music hall that deserves to be visited: the Crossclub. Placed in Plynárni 23, it is now a combination of café and concert hall where local and international artists offer concerts, parties and DJ sessions that turn into memorable parties.

Besides the fascinating program of the club, which includes music, cinema, art and more, the atmosphere and decoration of the place, with futuristic references and a very special mix of cultures, is already remarkable enough to attract locals and tourists.

In fact, the Crossclub is respected not only in Prague but also abroad, since it has become a real referent of the cultural activity of the country.

If you don’t want to take part of its parties and concerts and you only fancy taking a coffee there, you can enjoy it from 14h to 02h. If you also wish to eat their menu, you can do it from 14h to 23h and enjoy their unique style surrounding you.

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