The Shipyards of Barcelona, open after 25 years of reparation works

After 25 years of renovations Works, the Barcelona’s shipyards opened their doors again the last 16th of February. Althogh most of the pieces from the Maritim Museum are not available to be shown on public yet, you can already visit the shipyards and admire them in an architectonic way, while you pass by some amazing ships, boats and other witnesses of the maritime history of the city.

The Royal Shypyards of Barcelona were build between1283 and 1328, in order to be used in shipbuilding and ship repairing for the Aragon Crown’s navy. This function was kept until the first middle of the XVIII century, when the building broke its link to the maritime world, and turned into an army building. In 1936, when the Spanish civil war started and all the militars left the city, the building was associated to the sea’s culture again and devoted to the Maritim Museum which is nowadays under reconstruction.

The new Maritime Museum is expected to be finished in 2014, but meanwhile, the Gothic impressive building will leave the visitor just speechless, as they will have the chance to admire the high columns and Gothic arches, in an almost empty space. Besides, although the museum can’t be visited yet, it has already started to organize different activities around the maritime subject, such as writing contests, workshops, courses and family activites.

If you are going to stay some days in Barcelona, visit the Shypyards is a great option, especially because the building is surrounded by interesting claims of Barcelona that you can also visit after or before. We are talking about the “Moll de la fusta”, the Maramagnum Shopping Center, the port or the Montjuic Hill.

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