Eating without sight? It is possible in Dans Le Noir, Barcelona

Near the Ciutadella Park, in Barcelona, there is one of the most original restaurants of the city and maybe…of the whole Europe. It proposes a different experience both in a gastronomic and in a social way. Dans Le Noir is the first restaurant to offer dinners in a completely dark living room, where the customers see absolutely nothing.

This deep dark forces us to feel the food we are eating in a very different way, and lets all the senses but the sight, act more intensely than in a normal situation. The experience starts when a blind waiter guides all the customers through a corridor that links the hall of the restaurant with the dark living room. Once in the living room, you just hear the sounds of the other customers eating and smells the delicious fragances of the food already served. The waiter guides you to your chair and explains how is going to be the dinner.

After it, the menu is served. It contains two dishes with four different food combinations: fish, meat, vegetables…the game has started! You will need to recognize what are you eating just with the help of taste, touch and smell. Moreover, you will have the chance to know what a real blind person feel. We guarantee you it is not an easy thing!

Once you are done with the food and drinks, the waiter guides you and your mates to the hall again, where you will be explained and showed the dishes you have eaten. Sometimes there are huge surprises regarding what we thought at the beginning!

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