Barcelona from the air? Travel by cableway!

You can discover a city moving around its venues, squares and pedestrian zones. You can also do it from the sea in case it is a coastal place. You can do it as a conventional tourist and you can also do it as a real inhabitant: if you prefer this last option, you may appreciate to rent a holiday apartment instead of staying in a hotel. To find holiday apartments in Barcelona and plenty of other cities, visit the Apartment District holiday rental comparator by clicking here.

Another way to discover a city is doing it from above, by climbing up to a hill – if there is one – and enjoy the views from a great balcony. In Barcelona, we can find different gazebos, but there is a certain way that lets you enjoy a great view of the city while you are on your way to the top of the Montjuic Mountain: the cableway!

The Montjuic cableway (telefèric de Montjuic) is the most modern and original mean of transport  for those who wish to see a unique face of Barcelona. Through three stops, you can appreciate the urban silhuete of the city and the beautiful picture of the sea on the background. You can also try to identify emblematic buildings from the air, such as La Sagrada Familia, the Agbar Tower (an ultra modern cylindrical building not far from the sea), etc.

The tickets costs from 5,50€ of a single journey for kids, to 10,30€ of a go-and-return ticket for adults. To check the schedules of the service, visit this site.

 Once on the top of Montjuic, you just have to enjoy this green lung that has plenty of paths to be walked and idyllic spots where to relax.

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