Plan a perfect Saint Valentine Day in Europe

Every day next to that person becomes a delicious and magic adventure. You two have become the best team and you help each other to achieve your goals. Together, you have lived such amazing experiences! This is why year after year, you want to celebrate your love and all these years of happiness. Can you imagine a better way to do it than by travelling?

We can’t do it, so we have prepared a selection of romantic sites for you two in the best European capitals for lovers. Let your imagination fly away and tell him or her you keep as in love as the first day you met each other. 

To start with, if you fly to Paris, you must reach the Pont des Arts, the original bridge were lovers used to hang a padlock as a symbol of their love. Actually, many other Parisina bridges has nowadays padlocks as this tradition has spread all over the city.

If you prefer a trip to Venice for Saint Valentine’s Day, you have to walk with your lover through the Dorsoduro area, the most romantic part of the city where you can buy the traditional Carnival masks. Moreover, you have to spend some time travelling on a gondola. Probably, it is the most romantic main of transport of the whole history…see Casanova!

Another romantic option for Saint Valentine’s Day in Budapest is enjoying a dinner in a boat in candle light. The Danubi river is an idyllic scenario to tell her or him how important she or he is for you while you two spend an incredible time in Hungary. Moreover, you can take advantage of your days in the city and relax in one of the hot baths and Spas, so famous in Budapest. 

Either you choose a destination or another, we want to help you with the perfect Saint Valentine’s plan. So let us show you the best holiday accommodation for you and your couple in our web, Apartment District. There, you will find cheap, cosy and romantic holiday apartments in Paris, Venice, Budapest and up to 32 European cities. Check our holiday rentals offers here

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